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Pug Club, Cape Town
Pug Club, Cape Town
History of the Pug dog
Breed Characteristics of the Pug
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Breed Characteristics of the Pug

Pugs are very people orientated they love to love and be loved! This makes them true companion dogs. They thrive on human companionship, so never leave your Pug alone for long periods. Pugs don't seem to realize that they are small dogs, so care must be taken to keep them out of harms way. They are completely naïve about cars.

With patience and understanding, Pugs are quite trainable. Never yell, scream or hit your Pug. They do best with positive reinforcement and the best way to house train a Pug, is to praise it every time it does its business outside.

Pugs are available in various shades of fawn and black. Some people claim that black Pugs are more active, but there is little personality difference between the two colours . There is also little difference between the personalities of male and female dogs. Some are laid back, some are active, but they all love people and will follow you and your family around the house.

Although Pugs have short hair, they require a lot of brushing. Brushing will help keep the hairs off your clothes, as Pugs do shed. Ears need to be checked and cleaned, the deep wrinkle over the bridge of the nose should be wiped with a warm, damp facecloth. Pugs hate having their nails cut, so should be taught from an early age that this is not as scary as they think. Some people have found that it is easier to grind the nails down with a dremmel tool than to cut it. This helps reduce the chances of cutting the quick, which would make the nail bleed. It's best for two people to cut the nails one to hold the dog while the other cuts or grinds the nails. Rather do one paw a day than all at once.

Pugs love to eat, so please watch your Pugs weight. Obesity increases the chances of serious health problems. Pugs love to play and go for walks. Take care not to let them get too hot on hot days. One of the great things about Pugs is that they can go for walks on nice days, but don't get hyperactive when kept inside during bad weather.

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